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Hi, well, I don't have ED or anything, I'm just fine masturbating without porn, and I don't fantasize about porn. Of course, I'm trying not to masturbate at all, and this is my second day of reboot. I'm a virgin, only 13 years old, and it's best to stop now to avoid embarrassing sex later on. I've never watched hardcore, (cept hardcore punk, haha) but after learning porn is fake I looked up unsimulated sex so I know how its actually done. So I guess this should be easier for than most, no 'dead dick'. I was just wondering, how much can I jack off during reboot? See y'all bye.

I'm a virgin, I don't know if I would have ED during sex, but I can masturbate without fantasizing about porn. I think I can. I don't really know if I'm fantasizing about sex, because I'VE NEVER ENGAGED IN ANYTHING SEXUAL!!! I've never even had a girlfriend. Please HELP!!!


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