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excessive porn and masturbation..


I am male 22. Was masturbating to porn since 10 years. Sunce 3 weeks I have gone with out pmo. I did not notice when did my morning wood start vaniahing away. From last few week I had no sexual urge. I am a virgin and have not I dulged in the intercourse. While masturbating I had realized that I was being excessive.
After 3 weeks I have notived gradually my morning wood returning though dey r just 20 percent hard. Had some random erection in college too. But im not sure about my hatdness. Hope im able to get it back.

Are you having any mood swings or depression?
I'm going to enter flat-line soon, so I'm very curious.

I guess im already in flatline too. Yeah..mood isnt the same as ovbious. One seems to be curious anxious and depreases. But one has to fight and stay normal.
How old r u?

Do you think you can post more journals about this?
I would really appreciate it, and so would others. :)


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