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Hello, been at it all my life, quit hundreds of times.  Have no life.  Going to try to remove the P aspect from my online activities - and life in general. 

Gabe Deem:
@ drapes

--- Quote ---been at it all my life, quit hundreds of times. Have no life. Going to try to remove the P aspect from my online activities - and life in general.
--- End quote ---

Welcome to the Nation,

Above I quoted something that stood out to me and I hope it helps. You said you have no life, yet your goal is to remove porn from your life. 

It sounds like you need to replace porn with healthier and productive things. My advice to you is pursue the things you want out of life full speed, all while learning the most you can about addiction and porn's harmful effects on the brain. Create a life in which you would want to remove porn from.

Put simply, don't sit around on the internet bored trying to stay away from porn, get busy doing healthy things or being productive so that you no longer have time for porn.

Build your future and let your past remove itself.

I agree with what Gabe has to say here. Work on living the kind of life you desire. Your desire for porn will eventually fade. Best of luck to you, friend!

Leaving porn behind can only help you to build a better life in the real world.

Blue Bird:

Congratulations to have the courage to stop PMO and also to be in touch with members of the forum.  What Gabe says is really important. It is a good to change your focus to other activities. I would say that, at least in the beginning, this is really important to help you stay away from PMO. Count on us to listen your story and help you maintain in continued progress.
Best regards.
Blue Bird


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