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Just a short note to say I've joined Reboot today. I am a year away from the half century mark and calculated roughly 30 of those trapped in this freaked-out cycle of addiction. The realization that something must change is real, but so is a real fear of "what now?" Nearly as if my brain is saying "don't starve me." Well, stuff that thought process.
I am so encouraged by seeing other people set free that I am giving it my best chance.

Loving the Huxley reference in your journal's title. Do read up on so you're aware of what's ahead, what's happening inside (the brain) and the entire logistics of the reboot. I personally believe you can become yet another vote of confidence for prospective rebooters too.  This community's brilliant, they'll be here for you.

Happy transformation

Only a real man can admit when he has a problem and you're among real men.
May I ask how this addiction has affected your love life, family, friends, etc. ?

Welcome, KoW. 

Hi Viper
In response to your question... initially not much changed and I thought I could keep the porn in a separate "compartment" without it affecting the rest of my life. That was until ED arrived! I tried every known remedy from herbal to chemicals but with very poor results. Obviously my love life suffered. Despite the struggles with porn I still see myself as a man of faith (albeit unsuccessful) and this has aided in the process, or rather, in the realization that a drastic change is needed.
Socially I have become a loner with very few friends, and this has impacted my family life quite drastically.
However, after reading many comments on this forum (and others) I am convinced that a restored love life, friends and boosted creativity is just around the corner!


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