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Thank you Phineas 808... I appreciate your support!

Phineas 808:
Definitely, Serenity!

Thank you for sharing your story, I read it all. It's good to get all that out off your chest, and to put it down in writing to where you can see your journey.

You can do this, it's not too late, as you said. We're here to help you, and support you along the way.

Congrats on 21 days!

Day 26 - Checking-in...

I'm amazed that I have gone 25 days w/o looking at Porn. This is the most time I've ever had and I am grateful.
Taking this one-day-at-a-time which feels manageable today.
I'm in a flatline, lol. My junk is dead and shriveled to about half it's normal size, and I'm actually laughing about it. Zero sex drive - I'm so glad to you guys told me to expect this or I would be freaking out right now.

Crushing my morning CrossFit training, feeling strong on my running days.
Grateful to God for a chance at a worthwhile life 🙏🏻

Day 27 - Committed to the journey.

well done, keep going and all te best


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