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Hey Lane!

I just recently joined as well & I’m on day 13. Yes, it can get hard without watching porn at least once during the day, but I feel like once you set a goal & you promise yourself that you will accomplish that goal, you’ll get there. I know you can do it! Good luck on your journey!

Thank you guys!
Yes it can be hard, but with time it seems to get easier.
There are days in which I don’t even think about porn. Can’t wait for these to be the new normal.
Good luck with your journey.

Last PMO 3rd Oct 2020
Last MO 13th Feb 2021

Some days are fine, some are more difficult.
Some days ago I started reading a comic, I dod not know it was a yaoi...
Well, it was censored, and I did not “act” on it...
But I was kind of pissed off by that: the story was quite good. I resolved skipping the explicit parts.
But well that was tricky.

Last PMO: 3rd Oct 2020
Last MO: 13th Feb 2021
Last P exposure: 21 Feb 2021

These days are fine, I begun chatting with a guy and we both can’t wait to see each other in real life. He is a nice guy, and I really hope something meaningful will take place.
I was really tempted by MO in these days, but I managed not to.

Last PMO: 3rd Oct 2020
Last MO: 13th Feb 2021
Last porn exposure: 21st Feb 2021

It’s a lot I don’t come here.
So it happened.
I relapsed, not in PMOing but sexting which is really similar.
I know I already decided it but I need to remember: dating apps are traps, especially when you can’t meet with people due to a pandemic.

Last PMO: 6th March 2021
Last MO: 6th March 2021
Last P exposure: 6th March 2021


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