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Question for GABE and Other Mods


First off, thank you for all the work you are doing. You, Gary Wilson, and many others have done a fantastic job of bringing more of a spotlight to this issue. My nephews are starting to approach their teenage years and I definitely do not want them to go through the same hell that I have gone through in recent years. With as much as they use their ipads and iphones, I worry that the younger generation is even more vulnerable to this issue and want to do anything and everything to stop it. I live in New York while the rest of my family is back home in Texas so it's hard to physically be there for them, but if you can think of proactive ways of bringing even more eyes to this issue with our help, please let us know.

Secondly, how will reboot nation be different from yourbrainrebalanced? What was your end in mind when creating this messaging board? Will this board be utilized in any other way than helping those people who suffer with porn addiction and PIED and their loved ones? Essentially, I just want some reasoning as to why having journals on two separate boards is worth my time. I'm not addicted to the internet by any means, but like to keep myself away from the internet out and about or socializing when I am not working.

I apologize ahead of time if the answers to these questions are posted elsewhere.


Gabe Deem:
What's up tk8888,

Reboot Nation is the website and support community for my YouTube channel The Reboot Nation. It is a slightly different approach than YBR. Our two focuses are on 1) educating all of our members with the science behind neuroplasticity and addiction, and 2) raising awareness to the issue through public speaking/assemblies among other things. The home page will have a blog/news feed of ways to be proactive in raising awareness. As I personally live here in Dallas Tx, I will be doing the best I can to raise awareness locally by speaking at schools. Last night I spoke at University of Dallas, and hope to have a Reboot Nation Assembly tour ready by this fall. (fingers crossed on that one) will also serve as a news site for all things concerning porn addiction and rebooting, and a very supportive community for addicts/rebooters and their partners.

Yourbrainrebalanced will remain a great place for people to get support and share advice and will be linked to from our site as another option for getting help.

Welcome to Reboot Nation and feel free to ask questions, share your story, and we hope you find the support and information you need to reboot your brain and live life to the fullest!

Much love


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