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Dopamine Producing Activities For When You're Bored

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So we all know the best way to avoid temptation is to keep your mind busy and your body active. Through reading a lot of peoples journals and entries, a vast majority of us tend to feel these urges/temptations/relapses coming on when we're bored and alone, and thus our brain slows down and defaults to the easiest path, go and PMO. I know that has definitely been the case for myself.

So in order to try ease your days, it's recommended to be proactive, create a routine and try fill your day with natural dopamine producing activities. Some of the more commonly and well known categories of activities are exercise (particularly aerobic), socialising, playing or listening to music, meditation, or reading. But basically it can be anything which you find enjoyable and rewarding.

Myself. The most effective and useful activities I find to help me through are: going to the gym, martial arts, running, meditation, playing piano, putting on some good upbeat tunes, and hanging out with friends.

I'm always willing to give new things a go, particularly anything physical or adrenalin pumping, but find sometimes my mind becomes so overwhelmed or blank when boredom hits or I've got some downtime. To combat this, I keep a list on my phone of ideas I get throughout the day so I can simply have a quick look at that, then off I go. Lately I've been getting a bit dry on thoughts so figured why not create something similar here where everyone can contribute and thus a huge variety of ideas can all be in one place. Hopefully able to provide others with some inspiration or motivation to try something new also and can be a quick reference point to look at whenever feeling bored or down.

So please, feel free to add your most enjoyable, dopamine producing activities and we can create a smorgasboard of happy times for people to pick and choose from. It can be as little or as adventurous as you like. We all have varying amounts of spare time to kill (be it 5 minutes, to a whole day, or even a week) so all ideas are a great idea.

Start adding!!

These are my usuals:

- Making music
- Playing guitar
- Singing <-- my #1 favourite. I go to the karaoke alone.
- Workout
- Cooking/Eating
- Drinking with friends
- Logging on the Reboot Nation
- Playing computer/cell phone games


--- Quote from: VforVictory on April 13, 2014, 10:41:59 AM ---- Singing <-- my #1 favourite. I go to the karaoke alone.

--- End quote ---
That's awesome dude! I'll sing in my car, but that's about it. I envy people that can get up and sing. I'm a pretty confident person in a group situation or when it comes to public speaking or leading a group and really thrive on the buzz I get from it, but singing in front of people is one thing I really struggle with and become very self conscious about.

--- Quote from: CrazyGopher on April 14, 2014, 03:07:02 AM ---It seems like I can't even read a book if I'm not rebooting. But it becomes strangely enjoyable when I am.

--- End quote ---
I feel you on that. I used to love reading, but really began to ween away from it as I delved deeper into PMO. I'm now beginning to slowly pick back up all the half finished books I've got. My Sensei/business partner is always suggesting a heap of self success/motivation books to read which I really want to begin as I've got a rather big, underlying entrepreneurial streak in me. I'm always looking out for and listening to new and innovative ideas and love hearing about people's successes. I've found it to be really helpful and motivating since I've begun rebooting also. What genre gets you ticking?

Keep the suggestions rolling everyone!!!

I read a lot too.

What I've started to do is when I get urges, I do some press-ups or squats. Not only do the urges go, but I get the rush of endorphins. The aches the next day are worth it though.

- Read
- Workout
- Go for a walk when I'm not working or taking a break so I actually enjoy it
- Meditate
- Talk to my family on the phone


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