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Need some help - Edging masturbation and depression


Ive had a porn addiction since i hit puberty (even looked at it before then). About 2 years ago i had a panic attack, major anxiety and a bit of depression. Over the next 2 years it was a roller coaster. Somehow ive managed to kick porn, but not masturbation. I guess my stress-releaver before my anxiety breakdown was go get drunk and jerk off to porn. Well, Last night I had a couple beers before i went to bed and decided to wack off...i kept edging to give myself that high. Today i feel like absolute crap, really depressed, feel OUT of it...This is my problem most of the time, i just feel like im not myself. Will edging masturbation do that? Thanks for the help

I can't answer why you'd feel that way right after masturbation, but I can tell you it does in the long run.
Edging before release will give you that hyper-orgasm.
If you do it often enough, it will speed up your desensitization and thus addiction in the general sense.
At least that's my take on it.

Thanks for your reply.

We might be similar in the way that dropping porn was a walk in the park compared to dropping habitual masturbation.

edging is something i struggled with on my first attempt at stopping masturbating.  It puts an ENORMOUS amount of stress on your prostate and also your entire system. i read somewhere that it keeps your dopamine levels elevated for a long amount of time, therefore causing a more violent and severe crash when you do stop.

I feel like crap the morning after from having "a couple of beers" before going to bed, without any masturbating or edging.... Maybe you should try to skip the beers and see, if that still happens.


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