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Can Facebook be addictive?

Another hard one, of course Facebook can be addicting but not necessarily in a bad way, I take this one back too! :-/

Possibly. I believe my mother is addicted to Facebook. She spends more time on it than she spends on anything else in her life. Try to go a month without it and you will know.

Rainiegirl, it's you again, how nice!  I agree with you about FB, the thing I'm afraid of is she's looking for companionship there, nothing sinister or such but rather just companionship, while I am in the same room with her.  I hope she still feels we are companions as we've been for 44 years! (we got married right out of high school) we aren't ancient! :-)  Have a good one and bless you.

Just like she has the right to discuss  how your addiction might be hurting her, you also have the right to discuss how hers is hurting you. It might be something you two can work on together.


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