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Success Stories / The last thing you need to checkout for sucess
« on: December 13, 2016, 11:43:25 AM »
Hi all brothers and sisters,
Well recently i found out an amazing program which really helps so please check it out. I am not a advertiser and also request the sites owners to check it out. I dont know why but the process this man tony lister takes you from really works. He really helps to clear the mental rut that you are holding for years. You jist listen to the mp3's and you will get really free. You will explore so much about yourself that you have not known and living with false identity.

AND the best part for programs like these when other charges 10000 's  of dollars he doesnt charge anything. Yes you heard it right its absolutely free. And the link i am sharing isnt a affilate link or something .i am sharing it because of the same man who taught me when you pray for others in the road to recovery it helps you also. So please visit and join..its really helps..

Teens / Growth or not?
« on: March 18, 2016, 03:17:29 AM »
Hey guys actually i am curious to know that was there any growth or not in the size of dick..after reboot or may even during reboot..please cast your votes it is really important for me and also for the people in community to know the real truth. Which can only be known when all people actively participate in the survey. :)

Teens / Just needed some good wishes and support
« on: March 12, 2016, 08:36:42 AM »
Hey guys..!  :)
Actually this is my first post here... Well i am not gonna say a very long speech about everything in my life..well i have just made me it a mess..! :( Actually my exams are going on now days..and there recently one exam which i gave..and beleive me it went terrible..when i remember of just 2-3 years back i was so good at everything nd now it is all wrecked.. I feel so sad and unhappy that i can't tell.. ! Wel i am not accusing any one else cause all that happened was just because of me..! :(
I shouldn't have into porn...should have chosen life..! Well there situations and mistakes we make if we were given the chance we would not repeat it...but after knowing that's this is eating up my life..i make so little effort to change it is the most sad part of it..! I no longer look good, not at all healty , memory issues, no muscles , no strong bones nothing..! Just a addictive mind who is slave to the illusionary world of pornography..!

Times comes when i become very serious and try about it to change evrything and then another moment comes when i just give into it..! Aww this so miserable..! :(

Just wanted some support.. Would be glad to make new friends..well it feels so great to let your heart out here..!

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