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Ages 20-29 / Re: Glad to be addicted
« on: May 18, 2016, 08:20:14 AM »
Hey man, I can very much relate with a lot of what you said. Also a Christian, discovered magazines and Porn when I was about 11, also had two similar length relationships, neither of which we had sex, and between those, generally tried to avoid relationships. For MANY years didn't think what I was doing was really harming me (though deeper down I think I knew differently and was just in denial), other than the guilt that did very often follow. Though, I'm stupidly stubborn and know I will beat it.

I'm just pretty impressed with how much like-mindedness and support is on this website from other dudes. I've just discovered this site and really found out about PIED in the last few days and in the last month met an incredible woman who has really given me a lot of motivation to kick this. Though I'm stubborn, accountability always makes it easier. Whaddya say I help keep you accountable and vice versa. Someone to answer for - like a personal trainer for PIED! Ha!

Porn Addiction / Re: Day one : my decision to stop using porn.
« on: May 17, 2016, 08:17:30 AM »
Hey guys, this seems to be the forum for all the beginners! This is my first day on this site and second day actually discovering what PIED is! So thanks for starting this topic!

I feel like it's something I always knew but was actually in denial about. I feel my experience is a hell of a lot different to a lot of other people's.

I've grown up being a "good" catholic with a "bad" habit. I did EVERYTHING a good catholic should do... Well, except porn lol - porn replaced for me the things that I "shouldn't" have been doing ie. Real sex... And it replaced it in a big way and also had me feeling ashamed. Which is really f#%*ed up, because a lot of my belief system around Catholicism and sex and other stuff has changed and been challenged... But that's another story.

Where did it leave me? A mature young man with a bit of anxiety, thinking how the f#%k am I ever actually going to have sex? Sexual repression from religious/ cultural beliefs combined with easy access to porn and a hound mind is just dumb.

I have dated lots but obviously never really dated for long. When I was younger I would get a hard on super quick just by making out with a girl, and now I can make out with a great looking woman aaaaand... Nothing. (Sorry I know making out with girls isn't as exciting as everyone else's stories lol) But have now met an amazing woman who I can see myself with, which is where more motivation has come from. I have all the symptoms of PIED that seem to be explained on here and for a LONG time knew something was definitely wrong, but didn't really have the motivation nor feel the need to do anything about it. So - I didn't. That's changed now and I really want to make this work.

Feels kind of weird and cathartic completely vomiting all of this dialogue onto my keyboard but I have NEVER EVER said this to ANYONE. I'm kind of curious if anyone is in similar shoes to me, but am also keen on actually seeing other peoples success, helping others stay accountable and even vice versa?

Don't know what to expect from a forum/ website like this, but don't know unless you give it a go, right? ...and if anything I am actually quite stupidly stubborn, really stubborn.  so I know I can beat it.

Thanks for reading, and good luck other dudes!

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