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I believe everything is going to be okay-Journal 2021

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It has been a month now, I haven't updated my journal. I don't feel bad or guilty about any of this, it was a conscious decision to do so.

In last 30 days,
I did relapse many times, but its a progress from PMO'ing everyday to 2-3 times a week.
I no longer have cravings for any of P M O
I don't just surf internet for P when I'm bored or stressed, I'm just more aware of the feelings and talk to myself which helps calming down. Also I have a to-do list and worry list & I tell myself its all in that book nothing to worry.
I observed more morning boners, again this also depends on quality of sleep.

The process to achieve this was
I track my meditations daily, PMO streak
I follow a gratitude journal
I spend a lot of time studying(both for career and personal)
I play video games for Dopamine
I follow pomodoro technique(not quite often), and I fill my breaks with something useful like a walk over a video game
I tend to take down time seriously, any day I feel tired due to lack of sleep or anything I just follow a minimal day and not regretting.
I have been more positive about things and not pushing myself with unrealistic goals
I have been more social and I uninstalled every single social media app on my mobile(I don't feel like I'm missing on anything)
 I will post again when I feel like or made some progress. This community is a blessing to people like me, allowing to discuss about most vulnerable parts of our lives. Stay strong and keep moving.


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