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I started off doing this:

It definitely helps doing it everyday and a cold shower every day and some reverse kegels and I feel tonnes better.

Try watch this, I think it would benefit you, it's about how when you think you're done or you can't keep going, you actually can.

It certainly has helped me, not just with this, but in everyday life.

Hi, I've been thinking I had physical ED for a long time, but a lot of what is described on this site (escalating fetishes etc) definitely applies to me, so I was wondering if anyone has ED the same way as me?

My shaft can get hard pretty easily (as long as I'm aroused), but the glans and the CS don't seem to hold the blood in, I have to kegel blood in there to pump it up, but it just drains straight back out again instantly until I kegel again. This is better in some positions than others, but has been like this consistently for like 2 years now. Since I started no PMO I have been trying to relax the muscles and not kegel in, but so far it just means I have a soft glans.

It's difficult as the glans acts as a impact cushion during sex and has no sensitivity without blood in it, and consequently I feel smaller without it being pumped up, even though I can feel my cavernosa through my glans and they are hard.

Is this PIED or just regular old ED? Anyone with similar issues? Thanks.

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