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Struggled for 6 years... finally free (147 Days!) - My advice

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Jesus christ that was intense reading your story. Reading about how you used to be during addiction reminded me so much of me. Only difference is I started to get into porn deeply and noticed negative effects after high school. Everything. Dry skin, dark eyes, social anxiety, a simp, a pussy, weak!, skinny! , my speech was TERRIBLE . It would make my heart beat even faster knowing I made myself sound like a dumbass. I would get weird looks at work and I just hated being around people. I was extremely quiet and shy. I'd go home and just couldn't wait to smoke weed and watch porn. My sleep was horrible. My diet was fast food and soda. Man, it was just really bad. You give me so much hope. I've relapsed a few times in 2020 but kept pushing. Less porn I ever watched compared to the past 12 years or so. I now have better plans to get my brain rewired this year from learning from mistakes. Congratulations on your recovery. You have no idea how much is helps reading your story for the first time. 147 days is a lot! Good to see your gaining benefits around 4 to 5 months.

Wow amazing im the same im 24 days ish sober 36 years old and the best I've ever been


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