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How Shall We Escape?

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Gabe Deem:
Welcome back Phineas!

I like your approach and purpose. The saying "helping others, helps ourselves" has certainly proven true for me.

I have also been trying to kick a severe social media addiction that has gotten out of hand during Covid lockdowns, wishing you the best with it.

Congrats on your streaks of success. You've done it before, you can do it again. 

Hoping the best for you as you execute the plan. Discipline = Freedom.

Much love


Phineas 808:
Thank you so much, Gabe Deem! I am certainly honored for you coming by my journal!

Indeed, these lockdowns are not normal, albeit necessary (?). But they are definitely a challenge. That's exactly what helped fuel the reemergence of my habits.

Social media has been the 'jump off point' for me into my old habits, as well. But, changing the habits surrounding the unwanted habits, has definitely helped.

Much love to you as well!

Hi Phineas-good idea to begin a new restart.  Looks like you already have the tools and experience to make a good run.  Looking forward to hearing of your progress as you implement your plan.  Take care!

Phineas 808:
Thanks, jixu!

Yes! Having the necessary tools is one thing, but doing all within our power to have and maintain focus is equally necessary. This is where this journal, and you guys come in.

I look back on 2014-16, and wonder where my focus went. Somewhere it lapsed into complacency? I do know that our continued habits can't take for granted things in our environment that may coax us back to sleep.

Phineas 808:
Important Links to Previous Posts!

As mentioned above, I had a previous account here on Reboot Nation, and my user name was 'Leon'. While I deleted my original journal ('The End of All Flesh'), I do have several posts still here on RN, that may be helpful to others as well as myself.

Note: I cannot edit these former posts, as they're in 'guest' mode, so the writing is what it is. Also, the links within these posts may or may not work.


From 2014:

Keep Your Heart with All Diligence

Predator or Protector?

From 2015:

Advice After 100 Days!

10 Tips for a Successful Reboot or Recovery!

Goodbye to Fantasy...

Ten Principles of Recovery

From 2016:

Model for Real Habit Change

We're Here to Support Each Other, Right?

From 2020:

Triggers or Cues?

The Five Components of Dismissing Urges to P/MO

Are We Escaping or Just Avoiding PMO?

Self Judgement

From 2021:

60 Days In

16 Principles of Recovery

120 Days Free!


I'll update this list if I discover any other posts I may have overlooked.

I'll create a separate post in the future with other helpful links.

P.S. I would modify something from one of the posts (Model for Real Habit Change) thus:

Addiction: trigger/cue > urge + repetitious response = stronger habit/addiction.

Freedom: trigger/cue > urge + repetitious non-response, or a different response = habit change.



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