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700 days of hardmode.

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Congratulations. I'm in the (approximately) day 75 and counting.

Man, thats such a big inspiration. Im so glad for you.

Were there any moments in your reboot, when you just felt like there is no improvement in any of your fields in life (career, friends and socializing, sports etc.). Im at this moment right now and its hard to stay positiv. Do you've got any wisdom there to share? What kept you going? Not only to reboot, but also to hold on to life and to participate in it?

Wow congratulations on the 500 days! What has been your favorite part of the reboot? Your best experience?

Jeks... I have questions the reboot many times.. but why give in. I think self discipline is a great key to life. I can comfortably say I dont plan on viewing porn ever again or masturbating. I am pretty content with the results right now... I was a seiver case and I am now seeing 100% hardcore erections in the morning and with some touch I can get an erection as well. I am seeing major improvements. I still have yet to have sex, I havent tried. Just been riding this reboot out. But I know when the time comes I will be be ready for whatever happens and wont let it get to me.

Kopp... best part is my energy. I thought it was a myth... but I have a lot more strength and mindset is strong. I am more controlling of my emotions and I stay very content and happy. Especially when I wake up in the morning and have a huge erection that use to never be there. The reboot is real... it just takes.. time... and discipline.

Update. I am around 560days hardmode. I did have sex for the first time this past Sunday in almost two years. I was about 80% hard and need stimulation to get hard. I was able to last a few minutes.  I was not overly pleased with the results but I will keep on trucking. Any input or questions or motivation please feel free.


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