Author Topic: 4 years of no fap and i keep Relapsing  (Read 202 times)


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4 years of no fap and i keep Relapsing
« on: August 20, 2020, 06:11:56 AM »
Hey Everybody !
I am 25 years old and i am addicted to Porn and masturbation , i was exposed to porn in early age , I can’t exactly remember when I started watching porn , I’d say i was at least 12 Years old , first time i had sex was at age of 15 and it was fine i was able to get up without any problem and i was able to release without any ED or DE or Premature ejaculation, After that my porn addiction was getting worse  I would masturbate to Porn from 1-6 times daily , and each time i was trying to prolong my release so i can watch so many videos , sometime i would watch porn for hours straight , My interests have changed from average porn videos to extreme , to the point I couldn’t even get it up on normal porn ,I was ashamed of myself and my life is getting worse day after day

At age of 21 i meet a girl and we ended up in a place she took her pants off but i couldn't get it up , i tried many time over and over but my penis would be 30% erect at max , it was one of the worse moment in my life i gave up eventually, I was so anxious  and tried so hard to avoid having sex again cause i felt i was not a man anymore I WAS WEAK !!!

I was looking for answers why this is happening to me  , and i found many guys out there suffering from ED and DE and premature ejaculation and anxiety .... Etc **BECAUSE OF PORN** , i have read many stories and i read Gary Wilson's Book
you brain on porn and everything started to make sense , and like anyone who want to save his live i started on NO FAP NO PMO journey , i would abstain for days , weeks , and relapse my highest streak was about 90 Days , And i was very happy to have sex with the same girl i failed to make love with
Now ! i am no fully recovered iv been relapsing for 4 years now
but i am very happy cause i am not watching porn everyday like i was doing before
And good luck for y'all