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Hello all my dear Rebooters,

Glad to be here with someone trying to achieve the same thing as I.

I am a man 34 years of age. I was introduced to Porn at the age of 15 by my friend in an internet cafe and ever since I am a porn user.
I am into sexting a lot and followed by porn. I would like to get out of this poisonous habit and lead a clean/green/life that is fulfilling and peacuful. Recently my porn addiction has started causing financial downs its small but it has started, and i believe if I don't get out now I will sync myself and my family completely and hence I decided to join here.

The longest I have made so far in last 10 years is 25 days without porn/sex/sexting/MO.

hope to meet great people who are rebooters and successfull and make friends along and acheve a lot of peace and happiness by rebooting in life together.



I am starting a new reboot from today and I will come back and update whenever I can . hope we can all do this together !
may God/ Mother nature/Universe/Mother Earth Bless all rebooters with success !

Clown Loach:
Good luck!  Wishing you all the best for this.  I have a similar story to you, I think, being the age we are.  I am 35, so did not grow up on what material is available on the internet today, yet everything has still left its - negative - mark.  Once more: good luck and I look forward to reading updates.

Thanks for your encouraging words Clown Loach. yes we were not introduced to internet the best way. yet, we have to make best use of it going forward. The fact that you are 35 and in a similar boat makes me feel we can do it together by partnering/competing/pushing each other towards the finish line . and also reading that you have made it past 60 days at once is a real game changer to me . I will try to accomplish that or better before 2019 ends. acknowledging that only 150 days or so left this year i will be looking to achieve atleast 2 25 day or better streaks if not one full 60 day streak to close this year with a decent number.

here is my past 5 year performance -
Relapses in last 5 years -

2016 - 95 relapses
2017 - 97 relapses
2018 - 71 relapses
2019 - 48 relapses as of today (my target for 2019 was 46 which i blew it last week and i need to own responsibility for that ).
2020 - Target (15 Relapses)
2021 - Target (5 Relapses)
2022- Target ( 1 Relapse)

I am tracking down my progress in an excel spreadsheet which gives me a bird's eye view of my performance and its encouraging to see decrease in number of relapses from 2017 into 2018. I encourage every rebooter to set targets and track their yearly/monthly performance like this as it has helped me in my life.

 Cheers and Glory to Rebooters !!!

I am on day 3 today and hoping to make it past 25 (my previous best).

i've been here before many times , its usually 9th or 10th day i succumb. let's see how i do this time on crossing the 9,10,11 line !

Victory to rebooters ! Victory for humans who want to be humans in the true sense !


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