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I consider this cheating... anyone agree?

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IN her case it was definatly cheating   in mine it was not  our sex life continued on    If we did not do it  it was because my wiofe might not have been up to it  I respected that   It was def not a reason I went running to pmo   My spouse was never ignored


    Post often it helps me it helps you

Its Cheating because the sexual energies belong to your spouse! That's one part of a person that is not to be shared.

It is cheating! He's having sex with whatever is on the screen.  He doesn't have sex with you because he's having sex with virtual reality.  Yes it's cheating, and slickening.

It's most definitely cheating.

Also read a sentence earlier which I think is quite pertinent.
 "If you're married to a liar, your marriage is a lie"

Fellow partner, 4 years post d-day

I personally think any time a partner experiences sexual gratification purposefully without the other partners consent or knowledge it is cheating. Having one spouse purposefully lie, cover tracks, and withhold information (usually knowing the other spouse wouldn't be comfortable with it) and experiencing sexual gratification is basically the definition of cheating.


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