Author Topic: Penile sensitivity screwed to hell  (Read 1005 times)


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Penile sensitivity screwed to hell
« on: May 05, 2016, 05:49:03 AM »
Havent changed the counter for long time but now Im 19 days in. Honestly I feel pretty good for the most part. No much need for porn,working through it somehow. I get pretty hard morning woods I dont complain about it either.

But god damn it,I realized now how much my dick got desensitized by all that dry masturbation 4-5 times a day almost every day ti porn for the past 2 years since GF broke up with me. Like even after 19 days of leaving the skin to heal I dont feel anything on its skin. It feels like its skin is made of dead tissue. I am extremely worried. I never realized how much I messed my little guy up.

When I compare it to when I was 13 and just started masturbating it felt like a bliss touching it,and Im not even going to mention stimulation of it by vagina. Now it feels like I would need a fucking sandpaper to get it stimulated.

Do things get better? Because there is no use of doing reboot and being able to get and stay 100% hard and enjoy real sex again if I am not able to regain my skin sensitivity.
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Re: Penile sensitivity screwed to hell
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2016, 08:50:06 AM »
dude you are exactly the same as me when i started. you are even 22, exactly my age 2 years ago when i first time tried reboot. 4-5 a day PMO for 2 years since i broke up with GF too.

sensitivity takes the longest time to come back. erections comes back little sooner than full sensitivity. after my first run of 8 months i was around 70-80% back to normal of that bliss and vagina feeling you talking about. its different for everyone but dont expect nothing quick.

things do get better!