Author Topic: Just needed some good wishes and support  (Read 3249 times)


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Re: Just needed some good wishes and support
« Reply #25 on: April 17, 2019, 06:26:57 AM »
Yes i relased.
Well relapsed closed to 15 times in 4 days felt like there is nothing more that could come out of that. Lol...
You know what i mean..
Some odd 37 days good days this time..

Well really couldnot come here and say here anything because i felt so guilty and was afraid..The problem was that i was trying to appear too perfect  let alone accepting defeat.

The sense of purpose in life was completely lost and i gave up to a weird set of habits that i had formed. I just forgot that i can still make mistakes and be forgiven for it. Well everyone here can ;;
 sorry for being hard and fast here.

Recover as you want and most importantly enjoy life. Again going strong now and ordered that book that Gabe posted in his instagram urging everyone one to read.

Also found  out something really shocking about myself will be revealing that in a few days. Never really thought that was a thing.