Author Topic: PIED. Need urgent help please  (Read 696 times)


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PIED. Need urgent help please
« on: October 06, 2015, 10:43:41 PM »
I never knew about masturbation until I was 15 years old although I knew about porn few years earlier but had no real access to it. I started masturbating like 2 times a week at 15 without porn. At 16 I got limited access to internet porn (mainly pictures) and my masturbating increased to like 4 times a week.  When I was 17 I had full access to internet porn and started watching all sort of porn online. My favorite being lesbian porn because I love breast and an orgy with so many breast around would make my day. I loved watching straight porn too but I always skip the end part of ejaculation because I kind of hate watching men ejaculate. I'm definitely not gay. Because I was getting the satisfaction I needed, I had no real reason for a girlfriend. However, my problem started when I was 19 when a friend of mine who didn't know I was a virgin took me to a hooker. I could only get a mild erection after she gave me a handjob and although I could penetrate her, I couldn't ejaculate because I got soft inside her. I was worried but didn't tell my friend what happened. I got back home and viewed porn and I got a FULL erection instantly and I ejaculated in no time. I was very worried so about 2 weeks later I went back to get another hooker just to try out again. It was tragic. After I couldn't get hard I was physical shaking, I was nervous to death but succeeded in getting a mild erection. After failure of penetration I left. I tried again six months later and same thing happened. I freaked out but I told myself that if I got a girlfriend I wouldn't have a problem. That it happened because it was a hooker. So I felt comfortable masturbating and watching internet porn of all sorts. I have been masturbating at least once a day. Sometimes 3 times daily since then. I am now 22 and I have a girlfriend. We tried having sex few days back and I couldn't get hard enough to penetrate. So we just sat back and talked after a while I got hard (almost fully) and penetrated her but got soft inside her. She came but I couldn't. She's very understanding but I'm losing my mind. I wake up most times in the morning with erection and get erection during foreplay but loose it during wearing a condom. I am a mild smoker and drinker but I have increased a little but as I see it as a way of taking my mind of my problem.  I believe internet porn and masturbation have ruined my sex life so I decided to stop both immediately. It has been 3 days now I stopped. My girlfriend told me she is coming back into town on Thursday and she will come see me then. I know she will want sex but that will make it just 5 days since I stopped masturbating. I'm scared, worried and freaked out. Someone should please help before I go completely crazy. My friends keep telling me about their sexual adventures and I'm tired of cooking up lies to tell them. Something they seem to do effortlessly, I on the other hand just can't.
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Re: PIED. Need urgent help please
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2015, 03:56:12 PM »
Well you have PIED and you need to reboot that's pretty clear. It will take some time but at least you realised what your problem is and you can take control. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if a good many of your friends are suffering the same thing as you but are also afraid to admit it, or haven't figured out why.