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Re: staying away online virtual stimulation
« Reply #25 on: July 13, 2015, 08:47:44 PM »
Day 18
Flatline confirned
No morning erections.. no  thoughts of  watching pornography either.. ive been busy with getting settled down back in my room as my vacation was over last week so coudnt update on those days
Im now more hardworking and more optimistic hard challenges makes me energized  and luckily im no longer finding it to get sleep on time and i wake up earlier too... back in days i use to find it very hard to sleep in my first days of nofap  as without masturbation there was an emptiness in my routine which ive followed for years but for past one week i was busy and many other activities filled that emptiness and  replaced it with normal daily chores
Im still staying away fron movies which will trigger the toughts even though i think im in control
I dont want to risk it like many other times . But ive downloaded many good series (educational and business obviously) like profit, how its made, restaurant impossible etc so even if i get a lil bit of free time during my busy schedule i dont let my mind and eyes wander through internet and eat the fkrbidden fruit :p
So far its been very nice like i said before i collected all my friends number from social medias and now i call and keep in touch with them personally not through facebook and have planned a few gettogethers with friends in coming weeks
Im constantly in touch with my relatives and family im more tolerant more expressive less prone to critisism more patience etc and before it was hard for me to concentrate for more than 15 minute but now my concentration and focusing have improved last day i sat infront of my laptop doing my lroject from morning 9 to 4 straight 8 hours less occassional toilet visits and doing my prayers btw im a muslim and this is the month of ramadan so im fasting as well
Being connected to god  constantly and following his commandments will help you stay within your limits.. i hope that i can get recovered in next two years max ii dont mind even if take longer either now my primary focus is on my life as a whole rather than penis lol so im fine with that :) hope you guys are going great will try to update more often

God bless