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Schizoid personal disorder
« on: May 17, 2015, 03:40:56 AM »
I was reading yesterday about schizoid personal disorder and i identify with it 100%. It explains that people with that disorder have tendention to be abstaining from any sexual act or be autosexual what means masturbation or watching other people having intimacy instead of having it themself that can be just watching porn or having very promiscue sex life only focusing on physical aspects of sex. People with this disorder avoid intimacy and prefer to create own fantasy world in which they have perfect relationships and great sex instead of pursue it in real life.

Personally i feel sometimes that i would prefer to die than expose my intimacy to someone, and fantasies, not only sexual ones, are appearing in mind whatever i want to or not. My mind creates them automatically when i am alone but at the same time i do not feel like needing a company of other people.

I just discovered a cause of my fantasy, masturbation and porn problem. I think that it can be helpful for the ones that identify with what i am talking about. The only solution that i can think about at the moment is to push yourself to interact with people everytime when you you have fantasies or urges to masturbate/porn.

People are made to be social and our minds do not relate being alone with depression. There is no week that i wouldnt have suicidal thoughts. I am sure that abstaining from porn can help but only abstaining from porn wont solve the problem.