Author Topic: Helping the rewiring process.  (Read 2333 times)


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Helping the rewiring process.
« on: May 02, 2014, 12:10:40 PM »
Hi, just wanted to ask a question about the rewiring process and whether somethings help or do not help. I know during the rewiring process it is recommended not to masturbate and orgasm, but if I'm with my girlfriend and I can sometimes get hard with her right now and we do certain things to the point of climax, is that okay? Like I can sometimes get hard still but sometimes my guy is still unresponsive so I'm in no means fixed but I'm making progress. I just wanted to know if being allowed to finish if it's by my girlfriends doing is helpful in rewiring or if it should be refrained from as well.

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Re: Helping the rewiring process.
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2014, 02:00:28 AM »
@ Adam24
I just wanted to know if being allowed to finish(orgasm) if it's by my girlfriends doing is helpful in rewiring or if it should be refrained from as well.

It will certainly help with rewiring, but it may end up leaving you feeling numb and desensitized, or in a flatline. Deciding to orgasm is up to you, here is my advice.

The 3 things the vast majority of successful rebooters suggest are these.

1. Eliminate all artificial sexual stimulation, including porn fantasy.

-You need to let your addicted pathways weaken and un-wire. However, behavior is very important too. Surfing Facebook, YouTube, or any other online activity that mimics porn use and searching for novelty is to be avoided.

2. Most guys need to "TEMPORARILY" eliminate or drastically reduce masturbation and ORGASMS.

- Desensitization or "numbed pleasure response" needs a little time to bounce back. Your brains reward centers are numbed down to all pleasure and could use a little time out to recover. Depending on age and history of porn use, the time of complete rest can very drastically. Older guys who did not wire their brains from a young age to internet porn can get by with a few weeks of abstinence and be good to go. But what has been seen in younger guys (20's and younger) is that they need more time away from Orgasm to bounce back. Ofcourse there are outliers on both ends of the spectrum but typically anywhere from 2-6 months of rest is best. *Remember the earlier one starts on porn the DEEPER and STRONGER the neural pathways are associated with eachother.*

-The bottom line is you have to define what "temporarily" means for you. Nobody can tell you exactly how long you need to rest as everyone is different.

3.You need to, and maybe have to, REWIRE your sexual response to a real life partner.

- The most important brain change with porn induced sexual dysfunctions appears to be sensitization, (nerve cells that fire together wire together). Rewiring is firing your nerve cells for real people, thus wiring your nerve cells to real people. Rewiring does NOT mean you have to have sex. In fact, finding a loving partner and taking it slow is the best way to rewire in my opinion. Things like, cuddling, kissing, holding hands, or just hanging out enjoying eachother are all rewiring you to real people.

-Now, to finally answer your question. Is sex OK during a reboot? The answer is yes, but you probably want to wait a few weeks to months, depending on sexual history, and it seems that you should avoid orgasm for a few months, depending on sexual history. Even when guys feel rebooted like myself, we continued to see improvements for months after we are able to have sex, so it is wise to SLOWLY introduce orgasm back into your life.

-Sex without orgasm is known as Karezza. I actually did this a few times during my reboot and found it to be very beneficial, however the times I had a orgasm I felt like I went back into a flatline.

So, my advice is to start rewiring ASAP, but stay away from orgasm for a period of time. Over 30 guys at least a month, younger guys 2-6 months.

For more FAQ's go here.
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