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Also seeking accountability partner.

Male, 49, UK base and timezones.

Long-term porn problems, also associated social media and more generalised internet addiction (self-diagnosed).

I'm in a long-term relationship and relatively stable in many ways. I'm a recovering drug and alcohol addict (and cigarettes) with about six years clean in that recovery.

I've started a journal but if anyone wants to join in then I'd be interested. I see that the two previous posts are from gentlemen in a similar age group and I'd be very happy to chat to you guys!

Cheers, OO.

I'm 44 and was introduced to porn at a young age.  Although my porn use didn't escalate until high speed internet came and it was all downhill from there with the smartphone.  I was going from one dopamine rush to another sometimes spending a good part of my work day and evenings paging through porn sites.  Eventually that wasn't enough for me so I begin sexting with girls.  As a married man this just caused extra anxiety for me. I picked up running six years ago and it helped minimize my use, but anytime hard times arised I was back at it again with the porn and sexting. 

I've also been a causal meditator, but came across a 30 day online class at the beginning of the year and challenged myself to stick with it.  My meditation streak is still alive today.  I'm free of porn and chatting, but triggered by the occasional social media post and when that happens I hide it from my feed to not act out on it. Meditation has given me a clearer mindset, but at the same time my mind is looping with the guilt and anxiety for the questionable things I've done in the past. 

I have a therapist I meet with once a week, but it's hard to stay calm when I have all these thoughts bottled up inside waiting to discuss with her the following week.  I hope to be able find someone to discuss similar experiences to ease the process a little better.

Hi, everyone

My name is Ismael, I am from Spain. I can write English more or less, so I imagine this is going to be helpful for me.
I have a erectile disfunction. I watch half an hour of porn every day and masturbate. When I watched some of the videos here, I realized porn addiction was my problem. So this is why I need help. I tried to give it up but I only remained not wathing porn for a week, but erectile disfunction was still on.

I am looking for an accountability partner. Please if you want to be one, I will thank you a lot.

Best wishes to you all


--- Quote from: Iloveicecream on August 27, 2019, 10:44:11 AM ---Hi, I am Looking for an AP. Anyone willing to join the battle:)?

--- End quote ---
I am open to teaming up to overcoming this attachment to porn. How shall we begin?


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