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I've  been watching  porn since is was 16. I had a buddy that worked in a video  store, and he'd  let me use them. I had fun masterbating with a hard dick, but pretty  soon I wouldn't  get hard, so I started  humping  my pillow.  I could  cum with a soft dick. I've had several girlfriends, and I always made excuses too tired, too nervous, you know. I even tried  cialis, and viagra. They worked for a while. I had a gal I lived with, and I told her about my porn issues. If I wasn't  watching  porn, she could tell. I couldn't  keep it up. That was before  Internet  porn. Now a days all I have to do is type in my favorite  site, boom, I'm off to the races. My last day of porn was last friday the 6th. I'm so sick of this. I know my dick works, if I get on a video  that really gets my dopamine  going, I get as hard as a rock. Not for very long, but it goes up. Any pointers from anyone?

You have to do the work. Abstinence from porn is the answer.  It is the only way.  If you want to heal, you have to leave porn behind peeking.

In years past, I tried to quit many times for various reasons, birthdays, guilt, new girlfriend, getting married, having kids, etc.  It never worked, but back then I had no idea about pied or brain changes due to porn addiction.  I thought it was just something I liked, but later felt bad about.  Regardless, the white knuckled approach never worked for me and it usually doesn't work for others.

So my advice....
1. Go to  Read every link about porn addiction and pied.  Read every success story.  Read every reboot account.  Watch every video.  Realizing what porn addiction is is critical knowledge.  You must know thy enemy before you can hope to defeat it.
2. Start a journal here (which you have) and post on it often, daily or more at first if necessary.  It helps to get your thoughts and feelings on paper, so to speak.  Others who are going through or have already gone through the same process will offer advice  and encouragement.
3. Participate in other people's journals and success stories.  It helps to become part of a community of people working together with a common goal.
4. There are other sites as well such as nofap and ...absorb all you can.
5. Find a hobby or interest to take place of the time you spent with porn.  In the beginning, this may be tough.  All I could think about was not thinking about porn, which in a way was still keeping porn in my head. So, my hobby was learning about the addiction and focusing on success stories who have been healed. Slowly, the anxiety eased and I enjoy other things.
6. Believe in the process.  It works.  It is beginning to work for me.  Life is much better, but I definitely have low times and temptations, but they are easier to deal with.

I am sure you'll get tons of good advice from others.  Good luck and stay strong.

I've got my bike out, and started  riding again. It's been almost  a week since  I've pmo'd. I've not really  missed it yet. I've been so tired, when it's usually  my porn surfing time. It's crossed my mind to look, but thankfully  I've not given in. I want to beat this, and start  having boners again. I've been listening  to ybop. Gary Wilson is so right on
 I can totally  relate to everything  he says. Thank you all for reading  my posts. I really  appreciate  the support.

I'm getting  horny. I'd love to M.O. it's not worth it. I've been reading  all these stories, and it gives me strength.  I'm so looking forward  to kissing my wife with a boner. I'm so sick of trying to work with a limp noodle. I saw an old lady probably 64. She had huge boobs, and I just starred at them, I felt my dopamine  level go up, so I just started think about college  football on Saturday

At the height of my PMO - at home I would surf the P and then go into my workshop and M to a wonderful O.  It's hard to go back into my workshop and not MO.  I look around and think "those were the days, eh?"

My thoughts sometimes start to drift.  All of us had those erotic thoughts that we would play with (as well as our dicks).  Small steps - no M and no O and certainly no P.  I know this will sound like our dad talking (I am a dad and granddad) but getting through this will make us such better men.  We will be better lovers - better fathers - better husbands - just better to be around because we won't have that dark passenger with us.

Happy days are ahead my friend.  Like Home Depot says:  You can do this.


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