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Does feeling on shaft increase ?


hello , new here . I've had this problem for 15 years ... i'm not addicted to porn but I'm addicted to fantasizing while masturbating.
In my encounters with women , I have to fantasize to get it up . Then the feeling when I enter the vagina is so little , some times i
have to look down to be sure it's still in . And the situation is not arousing enough so I lose my erection after thrusting a while.
My question is after nofap for how ever long , will i feel a difference in pressure when I put it in ?
I've read about easier boners , but what about when U stick it in ? does it feel different or feel a lot does it feel ? 

and just to put it out there ..... you can still have problems with out porn , fantasizing maybe worst , because it's in your head.
and likes to pop up when ever. you get addicted to the same thoughts and use them over and over till you wear it out.
Then on to your other fantasies .sometimes you wear out all your erotic thoughts and can't organism with masturbating.
just a note to those who think masturbating without porn is's not.  fantasizing is another trap ! :-\

update ...... after 1 week , i tried have sex ..... lots of thrusting..... didn't workout ......after two weeks of no masturbation .....i had sex
with my cockring on ..... i was successful .....but , i had to fantasize at the end to cum . but i was thinking about the girl i was with.
i will keep to not masturbating for sure ...... i actually felt the vagina alot more than i did 2 weeks ago .  I was hoping i didn't have to
fantasize but simply thrusting and not thinking about my past turn on's  was not working ,i was slowly losing my erection.
but i see this as a good start , i think my penis will get more and more accustomed intercourse feeling instead of my hand.



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