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Delayed Ejaculation


I have been in this forum for quite some time and tried to do No PMO. But i was not successful and only last for about 4-5 days. So i started having problems when when i had sex with gf i'm unable to ejaculate and also don't feel that much horny even though i'm attracted to her and i'm quite sexual. And i have been addicted to PMO for about 5 years now and finally decided to write about this as it is creating problems in relation. So i want to know that whether my DE is due to PMO or something else?

Also i am able to masturbate with my hand and able to ejaculate. I have no issue in self pleasuring, but unable to ejaculate during sex. I used to masturbate with left hand (trying to quit now) and surf porn with the right hand, so also when i use my right hand to masturbate it takes longer to cum and i have to also try harder (maybe deathgrip) and it just doesn't feel right and doesn't feel good as left hand. So please share your thoughts on this and also any advice or help will be much appreciated.

i would say , your first step would be to stop using your hand . try getting a fleshlight .  the death grip is a major problem,because the
vagina is sooo soft .but you have to keep attempting to stop masturbation .....because it's the thought process that's also the problem.
me myself , i'm battling using my fantasies in my head to orgasm. 


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