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My Story


Hello Everyone,

Sorry for bad english. Its not my mother tongue.

I just found out about this topic 2 days ago.
I am 24 years old und I used porn since I was 15. So about 9 years of PMO.
I never had sex with a woman before, it just didnt happen. I am not bad looking or fat (1,70m 65kg). I just never put the effort in and never felt a deeper connection to a female.
However 2 weeks ago I made out with a girl that I know and liked for a long time. We just had a connection that day and I am head over heels.
We saw each other again this weekend and I just couldnt get it up. I was aroused. I find her extremely attractive but my dick just didnt want to get hard.
She said it was okay for her and we cuddled and kissed long before and after that. But in that moment I felt so weak and unmanly. She stroked my dick and I was able to get a 70-80% erection but that was gone the moment she stopped. So there was no time to put a condom on.

Before I made out with her 2 weeks ago I probably fapped 5-8 times a week. Sometimes hardcore porn, sometimes lighter stuff like a fashion show. I never had an Issue getting it up.
However after that day my desire to fap just went away. I fapped maybe 2-3 times in the last 2 weeks. Porn just seems so dull i just wanted to spend time with her. Even now I have no desire to watch porn it just seems so fake and unreal.
Because of this my limp dick this weekend shocked me even more. Its like my dick lost its touch.

I watched some youtube videos on PIED and they mentioned a test. If you can masturbate without watching or thinking about porn then thats a good sign.
Well I kind of passed that test. I was able to masturbate today without any external stimuli (only used my fantasy thinking about her and how beautiful she is), however I only got a 50-60% boner. I was able to cum but my dick was never really hard.

I am determined to stop watching porn for good. I am shocked what it did to my brain.

Am I going insane?



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