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Hi, currently I'm on day 73 of my reboot and since start I've been going hard mode, no P, no M and only orgasms I had were from sex or wet dreams. Basically haven't touched my dick except when urinating and having sex. In the last week I've been rewireing a little and out of the 3 attempts all 3 were a success, you can see the details in my diary. I can also say that now I no longer have urges for porn but for actual sex instead wich is great. However one thing still bothers me, even though I can have sex my erections still aren't 100%, rock hard like I remember them being when I was younger, I haven't had erections like that in, maybe, 13 years. I've never been very good with the whole % thing but my night/morning wood is maybe 80% at best and my erections during sex are a little better, maybe 85%. Both don't last long without some sort of stimulation, be it sex or making out etc.

So my question is, does erection quality improves over time even it you continue with regular/semi regular sex and eventually reaches that rock hard state? Or was I still to early with the rewiering and should abstain from sex untill at least I start getting 100% morning wood?

Like I said I can now get hard enough for sex, but I won't write a success story untill I get my erections to full quality like they should be for a healthy 30 year old. Btw my problem is porn, no physical problems or anything else.

Yes they do get better. You just might still be in the early stages as you suspected, but please dont worry. Your semi hard cocks is just your bodys way of letting you know it just needs a little more rest. Try not to force it either. Youll get that steel cock back one day!

Yea, definitely still to early for someone like me, if I was one of the older guys who didn't have access to internet porn during adolescence then 70 days might be enough, for me it's going to take at least a year before I get to rock hard.

It's just so scary, I haven't had erections like that in almost 15 years, that's half of my life. I literally forgot how they feel and what a proper erection should be, not this half hard shit I have these days. Also I can't remember when I thought it's normal to have erections like this. Sure it didn't happen overnight but how did I accept the fact that you need constant stimulation in order to become half hard and that that is normal... Erections should come on their own, without you touching them and should be fully hard. I just barely remember how that used to be and that fact is pretty sad....

Relentless Observer:
I feel you man.  at age 20 to 24 I felt my erection quality dramatically declining (as well as ejaculation strength and morningwood...and extremely prolonged refractory period).  It progressed with porn.  Even with very stimulating porn and constant stimulation it was difficult to have any hardness/firmness at all and any stop in stimulation led to being soft.  I ended up ejaculating countless times soft over that period.  It didn't feel good and it really really worried, eventually I found YBOP and this forum.

I am now 26.  It has been around 6 years since I felt a rock hard erection ... there have been a few instances I have gotten around 80%, but yea, I recall up to around that time of decline that it was easy to get fully hard simply by seeing a girl I found attractive... not this super stimulating crap.

Keep up the good attitude.  Regardless how long it takes for us to heal it will be worth it.
I look forward to both of us posting 100% quality erections in the future.

Well, I can say that my erections seem to be getting a little better when I'm with my partner. Still not 100%, but they seem a little harder than before. Also they now come more easily too, a little kiss and hug and they are there. A few nights ago I was giving her a massage when she was naked and the erection was there the whole time. They still don't last long on their own, without some form of stimulation, but they are always hard enough for sex. And while in my pants, pressed against my thighs, erection seems reeealy hard, almost like a rock, but that is probably due to the fact that some blood flow is stopped in that position so it becomes harder. But yeah, it seems like it's slooooowly improving in erection quality.


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