Author Topic: Week 2 of reboot  (Read 210 times)


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Week 2 of reboot
« on: June 25, 2020, 02:01:03 AM »
I have tried to unsuccessfully reboot several times. Recently, my longest streak was 8 days without porn. These eight days were not very difficult at all and I only had a slight urge to continue watching porn. On the ninth night, my body felt compelled and strongly tempted to watch pornography. I was not able to control these urges and unfortunately I relapsed  :'(. I was just wondering if someone could advise me on what I could do on such occasions to help myself control such urges and I was wondering what typically works for other people. This is my very first post on this forum.


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Re: Week 2 of reboot
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2020, 03:30:31 AM »
Hey seekingfreedom,

Welcome to Rebootnation, coming here is one important step you've taken to finding the freedom you search! I can write a couple of things that have helped me, but it's important to know that the situation varies for each different person. I've seperated them in two different categories, hope they help!

Practical steps
 - I started out by reading, reading a lot. Read through YourBrainOnPorn at first, Fight the new drug, and also read through some of the 'journals' here on this forum. Just getting a lot of new information in your head really helps to understand and battle your problems.
 - I signed up to 'Fortify', it's a free app that provides with some learning videos and tools and gives a bit of structure if you do it each day. The beginning is free but after you have to pay a monthly fee. Not promoting it, just writing what's helped me.
 - Starting a journal on this website and writing daily or whatever suits you about your journey, struggles and hope. In the forum just check your age category or 'women' section and start a journal where it would suit you.
 - Check some blocker apps for your devices that you can watch porn on. There's free and paid ones, whatever suits your needs. YourBrainOnPorn has an amazing list of everything that can block your access to porn.

Personal steps
 - Do you have a goal, a dream or a desired end situation in mind? That's something really powerful that you can hold on to and fight towards. For me it's to save myself, my marriage and my future. Reminding myself of the things I want in life help me to become better.
 - When you cut out porn of your life, your brains will still search for that rush that you used to get from PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm). It's important that you fill up your life with healthier behaviours and become a more balanced person. Hobbies or excersice are great ways to do these things for example. I try to cycle several days a week which is pretty intesive and it helps me a lot.
 - If possible, tell someone you know. The most powerful help you can have is to have someone who believes in you and wants to support you in your fight to become a healthier person. It can be your partner, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, anyone. I've told quite some people around me and even though it was really embarrassing at the beginning they all just want to help!
 - Understand your urges. Why do you PMO, what causes it, what situations or locations make the urges come up? Trying to think about all of those things increase your understanding and ability to better prevent you from falling back in the future.

Just a few small things that have helped me to succesfully be 48 days of porn-free without any relapses. I hope they can help you, and I'd strongly advise you to start a jounal and to get the right motivation around you!

You can do this, you're not alone, let's do it!


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Re: Week 2 of reboot
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2020, 07:25:52 PM »
I thank you so much for responding to my post and providing me with much needed support!  :)

I will start a journal on this forum very soon. I thank you for the steps that you have provided for me and I will try to begin implementing them into my life.