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Hi, I’m way out my comfort zone here and trying to wrap my head around my life.
Iv been with my partner for 9years now and I’d say probably for the last 3 years porn has been a continuous battle. Only recently my boyfriend was open with me and told me the truth about his PA.
The only way I can describe how I feel is broken, hurt,angry, confused but the worst one is LONLEY!
It’s not a subject I can talk to friends with or family as i don’t want them
To judge ither of us.
emotions are everywhere at the moment but he’s started the reboot process and all so far so good, only thing is I have a very high sex drive and for the last year iv felt so insecure of my body due to this PA and his addiction and ED. I’m angry and like any other woman I just want to feel loved and enjoy sex with my partner instead I feel lonley and ugly and just all round shit!
I’m 100% trying to support my partner threw his problem as I really do love him he’s my life!
I want my family to work. It’s hard  :( :( but I know we can get threw it.

Well as sorry I am that you are going through this situation and hurt I am glad that you have found this site. You are not alone.  It is completely ok to feel all of the emotions and to be so angry with him and at the same time want to be supportive. Porn addiction reeks havoc on relationships. Everyone will say, and I will echo, that it is not about you. His addiction is his and it doesn’t mean anything about you being not enough. Even though that is the truth it still feels like the biggest blow to your confidence. i get it, I really do! Just know that you are not alone. This community is here to answer questions, encourage you, and to support you any way we can.


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