Author Topic: Urgent Reading For Those Rebooters taking a LONG Time!  (Read 385 times)


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Urgent Reading For Those Rebooters taking a LONG Time!
« on: May 14, 2020, 08:42:48 AM »
Hey All:

By now you are probably sick of this shit. You spend a shitload of time on reddit and various forums like this. You've been rebooting for 1, 2, 3, some even 4 years - and your PIED isn't going away. You have been in and out of flatline for years? I bet you've even read every story on here. Your still not fully rebooted yet are you? I can tell you whats going on with you - because I am talking to myself. Yes YOU are ME and I am YOU.

Alright here we go about my background.

I am a 36 year old male that has been fapping to Pornhub for 10+ years - twice a day - probably 20 minutes per day. I encountered ED all at once when I was 32 where my D wouldn't get as hard to both Porn and Girls. I freaked out. I took the D pills. They worked. I wondered what was up. I discovered YBOP. What hadn't 100% sold me that I had PIED was that I was getting weak erections to P & Girls. Apparently that means that I am just a more extreme case. The weird thing is - I had no problem banging girls for all those years in my 20's. It all came at once. I was not prepared for what was about to come next.

I did a series of partial reboots. I built a company. Made millions of dollars. I stressed out. I did partial reboots. Oh yah - did I mention I did partial reboots? I would have streaks for 30 - 40 days, find a girl, get a 70% BJ - enough to get by. A week or two later when things got stressful I would jack off - I couldn't get fully aroused at this point b/c my mind was in and out of flatline. Ironically enough - I didn't see it. You see ... if you are a long time unsuccessful rebooter ... you are me. ....YOU...ARE....ME.

You have hardwired to masturbation, porn, sexual fantasy, and your arousal template is now completely fucked. As you continue to jack off your arousal template gets more and more weird. This is likely making things worse. You have conditioned your arousal template to something artificia. It's not your fault. Its really not. NO ONE TOLD US. Porn and masturbation were viewed as POSITIVE things in high school. If I had thought for one second that I was hurting my brain....I would have turned off porn forever. Easily. Never looked back. I thought it was harmless...and So Did You....Remember...I AM YOU.

But let me ask you this. Honestly.....I had to be honest with myself and it was not easy to do. Have you really stopped all PMO? Forever. Never coming back. A proper reboot for long rebooters is a HARD MODE REBOOT FOR MANY MANY MONTHS.

The one thing I do not appreciate about Your Brain On Porn is....

1). It says reboots should take 3 months. This is not true anymore. For hard core people with big problems - a proper reboot is 1.5 - 2 years. GET USED TO IT and ACCEPT IT.

2). It provides loose guidelines on masturbation (this leaves it open for guys who are addicts to continue to MO thinking they are still making progress).


1. You are still fantasizing / edging.
2). You are still orgasming alone.
3). You are still watching porn.
4). You are still watching sexy girls on screen.
5). You are still reading sexual material.

YOU THINK YOU HAVE BEEN REBOOTING. You have NOT BEEN REBOOTING. YES YOU - THIS ENTIRE TIME YOU HAVE ONLY BEEN PARTIALLY REBOOTING. I have gone on here and read virtually every fucking success story. I know what it takes to win. What sucks... is that I did not figure this out 3.5 years ago when I realized I had a bad problem. I chose not to 100% focus on it. I chose my business. I chose to put my mind in other things.

And lets be clear guys. It's not like I didn't give it an honest effort. I did a Hard Mode Reboot.....95% of the time.

Why My Reboot Was Wrong
1). When I got very stressed about once every month or two - I would jack off. This lead to a "binge session" the chaser is strong where I would orgasm 1 - 3 times. Because I was stressed - I did not stop and analyze what was happening. It was an automatic process for me that I had hardwired into my brain after 10+ fucking years of porn.

2). After I would have semi-successful sex with a girl - I would EDGE. I would justify it and say that I'm healed. I read on the forumns that some guys could EDGE after a while and were fine.

3). When things got very stressful ..I'd watch and masturbate to porn...for like 5 minutes. I don't even get aroused to porn anymore. Semi Flaccid Dick.

Ok BOYS AND GIRLS. Let's recap what happened because what is happening to ME is and will happen to you.

RULE #1: Partial reboots that are not 100% don't work. They just don't. A simple relapse could set you back months. If you relapse every 3 -4 months even once - your pushing back the goal post another 3-4 months. THEN ....YOU WAKE UP TWO YEARS DOWN THE LINE AND STILL AREN'T REBOOTED AND WONDER WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING. You go online and complain that you have been rebooting for 2 or 3 years and its not working.

But you have lied to yourself. YOUR NOT REBOOTING. Your only partially rebooting. Unfortunately for most rebooters - there is no relapse. When you go on the forumns and you hear guys that are relapsing and they say "don't beat yourself up over it." YAH - DON'T BE HARD ON YOURSELF - BUT AT LEAST BE FUCKING COGNIZANT THAT EACH AND EVERY FUCKING TIME YOU RELAPSE YOUR PUSHING YOUR RECOVERY BACK BY AT LEAST 3 MONTHS. NO JOKE. 3 months for 3 minutes of pleasure...WHAT THE FUCK BOYS. Totally not fucking worth it.

Rule #2: If you need to MO - You Will Have A Wet Dream.
Repeat after me. Your body does not need an orgasm. You have been fucking playing with yourself so long that you actually believe your body NEEDS an orgasm or release. It doesn't. Your body knows what to do. If you feel horny - GET THROUGH IT AND WAIT FOR THE WET DREAM. That is all.

How hard is it get it through your tough skull? Your entire arousal template is fucked up. It doesn't work. Your brain has been watching porn, fantasizing, edging, and orgasming to an artificial drug like substance for years. Repeat after me - EDGING IS CHEATING.

Rule #4: NO PORN.
This is so obvious I don't even want to go there. I don't even feel sorry for the guys who "can't stop looking."

Rule #5: Re-WIRE
You need to eliminate the bad and program the good. This is just as important as eliminating - if not your brain won't know what to do. I want to provide VERY CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS ON THIS FOR RE-WIRING. INSTRUCTIONS GARY SHOULD BE TELLING YOU ON HIS SITE:

-The most effective re-wiring is REWIRING WITHOUT ORGASM ON HARD MODE.

-I know you are super fucking horny and want the orgasm...BUT THIS IS YOUR AROUSAL TEMPLATE HERE. Your brain needs that time to reprogram the arousal template. Orgasms can throw some guys back into flatline. The key.... is to get SUPER HARD making out with your girlfriend...then keep it going for a long time .... many hours if possible for many weeks. This is the best re-wiring and your brain will change FAR FASTER then doing what I used to do?

Do you know what my typical approach would be? Wait 30 days - have a random girl come over - make out with her - get as hard as I can and get a BJ at 70% within 10 - 15 minutes. Do you think that is good re-wiring? NO.

Rule #6 - Orgasms can cause flatline - monitor progress and see how it goes
If your not working with a rewiring partner on this. It's virtually impossible to do this right. The sheer work of going out and getting different girls at different stages in the process is tough. Again - the guys that get over this usually have wives or significant others to help them along on a permanent basis through this 3 -6 months period. This is very important guys. Find a

Rule #7 - Results are UP and DOWN so do not relapse
There are a ton of guys on here who get Boners with girls one day....a week later can't get boners. Same Girl same situation. This process is Up and Down. I know what happened to me here... I would get frusterated with this up and down process and question the validity altogether. I would get stressed. Just once - MO. Flatline. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

Go read all of the success stories. The one's where it took them 9 - 12 months to have sex and another year after that before they felt healed. These guys DID NOT RELAPSE. not once. Gabe did not relapse. Now that you know that you dont need to fantasize, orgasm, or edge - your primary goal is to re-wire without orgasm for as long as possible - you should be unconcerned how long this takes.

3 months?
6 months?
12 months?
How about 24 months?

The hard rule on here is that it takes a maximum of 2 months for every year of Porn you watched. For me thats approximately 30 months - as I watched porn probably for 15 years....oh...AND GUYS...THATS 2 MONTHS WITHOUT RELAPSE.

I underestimated the simplicity and difficulty of this challenge and reprogramming my mind on a permanent basis to a proper sexual functioning. Looking back - it was all on Gary's website. All of it was clear as day. I read it. I thought I understood it. But I had the mind of an addict. I cherry picked what I wanted and didn't want to see.

So - when is it ok to MO, EDGE, & FANTASIZE?
I know I know. You've gone and read the success stories of the guys who claim they can edge and "occassionally MO to light fantasy." The right answer here is...quite frankly never. You don't need it. There are literally SO many fucking guys on here who have rebooted successfully and did a "light MO" and they're ED started coming back. I want to add that THIS IS AFTER THEY HAD SUCCESFULLY REBOOTED AND WERE HAVING REGULAR SEX. Pretty Crazy huh?

This really is a full blown addiction. Yet ...its so simple.

No Porn.
No Edging.
No Fantasy.
No MO.
Re-wire without orgasm for a while with SO.
Results are non-linear - expect boners to come and go.
Introduce orgasms with Partner when ready.
If in doubt about something - go back to to the original template - NO PORN. NO ORGASM. NO EDGE. NO FANTASY. NO SEXTS. NO ARTIFICIAL.
Expect 2 year recovery.

It's all so simple isn't it boys? But it's not. Chances are your getting your 30, 60, 90 day streaks in. You Edge a bit. You MO a few times. Perhaps even sex with random partners. It's not working for you is it? Your not doing the process right. Your doing it 98% of the time - and that's not enough to rewire our brain. It's 100% of the time for many years before we are "fully cured."

I wish someone had given me more of a template of what to expect. In order to really figure this out - you really need to go on the forumns and read everyone's stories A LOT. It's a classic cycle.

Those Guys That Fail...(hint...they relapse ever so slightly every few months or so..and don't really admit it to themselves..true mind of an addict...I know... I WAS ONE).

Classic way guys fail:

1). Guy has sex with girls - believe's he's cured ... goes back to MO to early. Bro - why are you MO. You don't need it
2). Guy Edges to fantasy because "it's not watching porn and its not MO." WRONG. FANTASY IS CHEATING FOR YOU.
3). Guy MO....but only does it once every 2 -3 months. BOOM - ONE ORGASM JUST BUSTED YOU BACK 2-3 MONTHS. So now you are on a treadmill - the three months you just spent doing all the right things..GONE IN 3 minutes.

Do you see the pattern? It's a bit frusterating going onto the forums - and getting thrown off by guys who claim they have been "Rebooting for years." No BRO. You Haven't have been TRYING to reboot for years. But you actually haven't been rebooting. Rebooting is Hard. Its simple. Its non-linear. And it takes years to get fully back 100% - and thats ok.

Accept the Flatline. Accept the Failures. Trust the process. and cheating. You want to be able to look in the mirror and know deep in your heart you have done everything you can to resolve this.

If you have been rebooting for many months or even many years. STOP. STOP EVERYTHING NOW. Take a week off work.

1). Stop and journal and self reflect on your behaviour. Are you really rebooting or just partially? Are you cheating yourself?
2). When you cheat - why you cheating? There is always some trigger - stress, anxiety, something. Identify that trigger - feel it in your heart - and come up with a plan to deal with it when you feel it.

Get it through your addict head that:

1). Edging is cheating no matter what.
2). Orgasms should be introduced with a partner after rewiring for a while.
3). Fantasy is cheating.
4). Progress WILL BE non linear. One day ...sometime in the future.. it will work for you.... then it won't work. Its non linear. Accept that. Trust the process.

This is Young Gun 15 out there for all you rebooters like me who fucked it up. Got too busy to properly reboot. Justified your behaviour with whatever was happening in your life.

I'm Hard Mode....67 days....Its my longest Non Orgasm Streak Ever. I'll get there....I'll come back and post my progress of a CLEAN REBOOT. I'm expecting it will take awhile. I am comfortable with it not working right away. I'm never watching Porn, Masturbating, Edging, or Fantasizing ever again. Ironically enough .... it was all so simple to do - but I honestly believe few rebooters get there. Its hard when most of us are single and don't have girl friends to "test" it with. Its hard. Accept the flatline.

I will see you on the other side fully cured. It will probably take me 1....2.....3....4....5 years to get there. Who knows. All I know is the brain changes itself - and ALL pathways associated with my sexual inappropriate sexual conditioning ....will be unused.




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Re: Urgent Reading For Those Rebooters taking a LONG Time!
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2020, 10:12:40 AM »

Bro you just dropped the Bomb!!

The Bible of the Rebooter!! lol

Unfortunately like you say, it seems that we have to make the absolute perfect journey to get to the other side and even with that it will take us a very long time.

And time at our age is not playing in our favor. This becomes in itself a huge trigger for anxiety and depression. We see our friends getting married, advancing in life, raising children, etc.. and in the meantime we are here still stuck with this problem that just persists and persists... and keeps us from reaching our full potential... Sad...
So frustrating....

For me the real danger of relapse is having hookups with girls that I meet in bars or applications. I will feel no desire when getting sexual with them, and feel obligated to play the porn fantasy in my mind in order to get hard to avoid the ultimate shame of not getting it up.
I just don't feel comfortable talking about the PIED issue with girls, it is the perfect topic to instantly kill the magic.

In the same time we have to get through this phase in order to get/find a supportive girlfriend that will help us rewire and cure ourselves.

I am still going to stick with the proper hard mode reboot and hope I will have the balls to talk about the issue prior to sex when the moment comes and be OK with myself if my dick does not get up.

Someone has to create some kind of retreat for rebooters. A place for rewiring with real girls, with the best and most effective techniques. I would pay the full price personally lolll

Anyway, joke aside, great post!!

I hope you heal soon!


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Re: Urgent Reading For Those Rebooters taking a LONG Time!
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2020, 04:43:58 AM »
The OP is a bit too dramatic.

No one will recover without actually having a partner. Obviously you should avoid PMO, MO, etc as much as possible, but even a perfect journey avoiding those stuff will not heal you without a partner.

Last PMO: July 2020 (ending approx 3 years no PMO).
Longest Hardmode 6 months (During 3 years of no PMO).
Last MO: Trying to go through Hardmode due to relapse of July 2020.