Author Topic: Performance Anxiety plus PIED  (Read 500 times)

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Performance Anxiety plus PIED
« on: December 06, 2019, 01:43:25 PM »
So my name is Josh I just turned 17 years old recently. Ive had some form of ed/performance anxiety since i was around 13-14 i first noticed. I could've lost my v card 6 or so times by now but i just cant get hard and when i do i cant keep it.

Most recent occurrence was about a week ago. Before i get into that im going to describe myself so you guys get an idea. Im a pretty confident guy, im always trying to improve myself and chase my passions. I dont let stuff get to me but this ed or whatever it may be really has me in a slump and im depressed to an extent and im usually always happy.

Ok onto the story, i been dating this girl for a little over a month and we get very intimate makeout sessions and ive made her orgasm plenty. But whenever we try to have sex i cant get hard or keep the erection when i get in position to put it in her thats when it goes away. Also, i get minimal pleasure from her sucking me off and or giving me an hj. I think i have a ratio of 70% performance anxiety and 30% pied. Reason being is because i can get hard on my own without porn very easy and its rock hard. (Quit porn last month and was able to drop it easy) but i watched porn like 3-4 times daily since i was 12 until last month so i think my brain may be desensitized because of porn but i think performance anxiety is the bigger problem for me. Any help or response would be greatly appreciated this time is tough for me.

Also it seems as if i cant get aroused by girls doing things to me but i get aroused fingering her, making out, sucking tits etc. just not when she trys pleasing me. Its always been this way :/

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Re: Performance Anxiety plus PIED
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2019, 03:22:54 PM »
Continue to abstain from porn and masturbation. Continue getting intimate with your girl. Stop trying to penetrate her for a while, while only focussing on her pleasure. Everything is allowed but penetration. That's what sex therapists recommend in case of performance anxiety. This way, you can become comfortable again, just enjoying yourself and her without having the pressure to perform.

Stay off Porn at all costs and I'd also recommend to not masturbate. Give your sexual system a rest from autosexual stuff.

Take care!
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