Author Topic: struggling from past 7 months to free myself from Porn but i keep relapsing  (Read 105 times)


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I am a 20 years old guy,pursuing graduation. I am quite good looking person with a good physical appearance. I always used to be a very confident and an extrovert person until i experienced my first ED. just after few months of joining college, i broke up with my girlfriend and after that i never felt anything for any other girl. i spend almost one and half years of my college life without dating anyone and with less female interactions. Then, with time i started developing feelings for one of my very close friends and she also had something for me. After making out couple of times, we finally decided to have sex! everything was going well until i realized my penis is having problem in erecting, i explained her that it happened due to some stress but deep inside i knew something is wrong with me.  I started googling and looking out for answers, i found out that i have PIED, because of watching porn from very early age i was not having that kind of attraction to real girls. I read couple of articles and decided to start my NOFAP journey in January,2019 i continued successfully  for 10 days but i relapsed then. similarly, i kept starting this journey and relapsing and now i have come to a point in life that i don't have confidence in my ability to achieve anything in life, i feel depressed and feel like i would never be able to have a meaningful relationship with someone i really love.
Today after relapsing again, like almost 100th time, i have decided to free myself from this addiction and will definitely make a plan for it. i know this is gonna be difficult but i want to find my sexuality, confidence and  feel like a man again.