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All for one goal: stop PMO for good

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43 years old, started PMO when i was 22 years old. PMO has had a lot of negative impact on my life. I began to have occasional PIED in my early 30s. Now it is getting much worse. 

I stopped PMO for 30 days in September 2018. I didn't see a lot of progress but I was definitely feeling better.  If I had visited this website then, I would not have relapsed.

Here I am today and determined to get over PMO for good. I stopped it on June 15th.

Keep faith. Let's do it together!

Welcome back. Hope you find the support and confidence to take this to fruition.


Day 4:

To be PMO free seems to be a no-brainer so far after I got to know the damage PMO is doing to us. Porn didn't come to my mind at all as long as I keep myself busy.

I know it is still too early to tell but so far I am confident that I can keep myself sober till the end of the tunnel.

wishing you success.

thanks. Wish you all the best!


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