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Rebooting the brain


I was wondering if anyone has any advice or knowledge to drop. During this rebooting process I hear everyone talking about rewiring the brain. I am 17 and have been watching porn since before I got erections naturally. I have only stopped watching porn yesterday but my question is” how will my brain know what to rewire itself to”. I have had sex a couple of times and some sexual activity’s on multiple occasions but all after developing ED due to porn. There was never a time in my life where I achieved erections from real women. How will my brain know to rewire to real girls?

Hey buddy. For rewiring your brain you'll first have to stop watching porn completely. Our brain pathways are changeable. This is called Neuroplasticity. As you stop watching porn, gradually your porn pathways will fade away. However it may take time, but it is always possible as the brain is always changing. Then as you spend time with real people instead of porn, Slowly your brain will regain its normal function. You have taken the right decision to stop watching porn. The path may be difficult but it is worth it. All the best buddy.


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