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19 and Dealing with Withdraw Symptoms


Hey everyone, just thought I should share my journey. When I first started, I was feeling great, would slip up a few times, until this one time I had a whole 15 day streak. In that streak I felt amazing for about 2 days, then it hit me. Depression. And I felt like that for a while until I relapsed. Then I was fine for a couple of days, restarting my streak. I'm currently in the streak now, I think it's about a week, not too sure, but I feel depressed. I'm hoping it clears up soon, it's kind of annoying not having any motivation or confidence. I guess I'll keep everyone updated.

that's still a great streak, keep going. I think when we read other stories and what recovery is meant to be like it can be easy to think something is wrong. It seems that everyone's recovery is different based on their own history and use. I have had streaks of feeling great and some suicidal. Not every streak works really well. What matters is the long game. There will always be lows and waves of depression and this is different for each person and the stage of their own recovery. Keep at it.


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