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Generations of Porn repost
« on: May 20, 2019, 02:46:25 PM »
I am on a journey to find actually end my relationship with porn. It has been in my life since the age of 11.I watched my first porn movie at that very age.  Of course it was by accident.  My friends and I thought it was a regular movie in the VCR.  Since then I would look for ways to look at any type of material that showed even a little bit of sexual content be it magazines or vcr movies. That's expected when one is entering puberty so of course I felt it was healthy. Just dont let any adults catch you. 

People my age been through at multiple generations of porn. Magazines to Movies on Cable and trying to use the remote to unscramble the spice channel to sex sites and getting it free from Limewire to high speed on your smartphone to the latest VR.

I spent my most of my sex life with PIDE(Porn Induced Delayed Ejaculation) It wasnt until my mid 20s It was because of the masturbating to porn. Well I knew it had something to do with masturbating. I didnt think it was that big of a problem. I had a high sex drive and the women I was with her pleased.

I've come to grips within a year or so I'm a porn addict.  I used porn as a buffer.  If I masturbate it's one less need to worry about or I wont make a dumb decisions such as having sex with a woman I really dont like. Which happened anyway on numerous occasions.  My awaking was thinking back on the emotional attachment I had with porn DVDs I thrown away years ago. I actually had an emotional attachment to porn.

Recently I read Your Brain on Internet Porn. It reminded things about watching porn I felt happening to my brain. I didnt think is was effecting me in such a capacity so much  that I may have missed out on fulfilling experiences if I didnt watch so much if any.

My gf of 5 yrs and I have had discussions on my porn effects the brain but I just shrugged it off because I felt porn saved me from making poor decisions.  I defend it just like an addict would.

I really toned down on the porn watching and masturbating the past 3 yrs and have rebooted somewhat.  I can orgasm more frequently through vaginal sex.  I still dabbled in porn watching and using my hand every now and then.

It's been about 10 days since I watched any porn. It has been a big part of my life ever since and before I started have sex. I'm here because I am looking to realize my sexual potential when it comes to enjoyment. 

I know this post is long but I had to share.  Feel free to ask questions or if you have any similar experiences I would like to read them.  Itll be a great help for my journey to reboot.