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How I am curing my PIED


My name is Colin, I'm 19
Addicted to porn since I was about 13
About 2 years ago I made a post on here, saying that I was going to finally hold a long reboot, and reach 3 months without masturbating or watching porn at all. I quickly failed. And I kept failing, until the past few months. I am currently 162 days without porn or masturbation, and I wanted to share how I got this far, and ask some advice. I finally had had it with just not being able to perform with a female, and I finally made the decision that I was just fucking DONE. And you need to do that, you have to be ready to give it up, and not relapse, at all. I made it about 3 months after that, before relapsing, that was late November. It is currently may, and I haven't watched porn or masturbated since then. One of the main tools I used was the application Fortify for my phone. I think its an app that is used for quitting porn, but it worked just as well for quitting masturbation as well.
Since then I haven't had much sexual activity, and I don't really have much sexual drive. I also have not got my morning wood back, at all.  And I believe Its because I'm not masturbating at all, so I was wondering, is it time to start masturbating, obvious without porn, but is there a next step after a long reboot? like starting to masturbate again?

I know this was a short and jumbled post, but if you have any other questions or comments about my reboot please don't hesitate to ask.

Man just stay away from masterbation.. you are young I promise if you just hold off you will see results.. it does not happen overnight and that can be discouraging. But trust me just hold off the morning wood will come back.


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