Author Topic: STOP WET DREAMS AND PE  (Read 310 times)


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« on: May 10, 2019, 04:12:00 AM »
maybe I understood the cause of wet dreams. it is simple, as soon as a thought of sex or porn comes (or to see a beautiful one)
girl in reality) in the mind, one must
deny the thought and think of something else.
but why does this happen?
everyone thinks that the thoughts of sex put hormones into the body and therefore increase libido and cause wet dreams.
this can be an invalid reason!
why people NOT addicted to porn can think about sex during their day and have no wet dreams ?!

now I'll tell you my theory.
we porn addicts have wet dreams because we have the hypofrontality. you do a brief search to understand what the ipofrontality is. we therefore have little resistance to pleasures. what should we do then? the front of the brain works like a muscle and we must therefore practice not thinking about sex. in this way we will become stronger and we will no longer have wet dreams because in sleep we would know how to resist !! this theory also applies to solving premature ejaculation. I hope I am right ... hypofrontality = wet dreams

this theory also explains why when we are physically tired or stressed or depressed we have wet dreams ... because our brain does not work well when it is tired or stressed or depressed !!