Author Topic: 18 years old, porn since 12. At the beginning of a 1-2 year rebooting goal.  (Read 280 times)


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Hello all, just putting this sort of journal entry out here for accountability purposes. Let it be known I'm done with masturbation and orgasm for a very long time, and porn ideally forever.

As a virgin with historically little motivation to get out there, I realized recently how affected I am by porn. I don't see girls the way I want to - just as fap material, objects to pull up on the computer for sexual release and to use that long-ingrained dopamine pathway. Approximately a week ago (I didn't remember the exact date) I stopped porn, masturbation, and orgasm and I am determined to hold out for a year at the very least. I want to undo the severely misguided brain wiring I have put myself through since I first searched up porn when I was 12, and hopefully learn to have healthy sexually stimulating experiences exclusively in real life! From my research it could be many months before tangible changes occur, and I may want to go past my original goal for good measure. And once it's been at least that 1 year and I have evidence that I'm fully "rebooted" I will reintroduce myself to masturbation, but without artificial stimulation - at most good old imagination involving real, living human beings - because it's healthy and natural when done the right way, as I understand it.

P.S. I would greatly appreciate any tips or advice you guys can offer, or input regarding my strategy/philosophy.

Thanks for reading.

Gabe Deem

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    I found out the soft way that porn is sex negative
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Welcome to the Nation @revoetan! Sounds like you've done your research and understand the basics of the neuroscience of addiction and sexual conditioning. If you haven't watched it yet I have an advice video you could check out.

My advice is to spend a lot of time with real people in real social situations. And when you're online use your time to get educated on something, or print off articles and go read them at a park or something and take notes. Also, read , read, read, and take notes on what you find meaningful and important and applicable to your life and your life's story.

I also would help others occasionally, as you begin to learn more and more information, maybe post in other peoples journals and help them when possible or simply give encouragement. Having a purpose during the reboot such as "helping others with what I've learned" can be incredibly beneficial in the long run.

Hope the best for you! Much love
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