Author Topic: Reboot is a long and steady process towards Recognition, Replacement & Reward  (Read 937 times)


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Reboot is a long and steady process towards Recognition, Replacement & Reward

Why do I PMO ?
It was an unknowing learned effort to love myself when i was young

When I recognized that I was trying to love myself better, i began to identify and apply replacements to PMO.

What are the replacements?
> Identify things and activities that bring me happiness and joy, not pleasure.

There is a difference:

Pleasure is immediate, purchased, discrete, intense experience with little effort.
Eg. eating a purchased ice cream
It is brief with no long term benefits and experienced only by myself

Joy is a long term sustained emotional feel good, usually through personal effort
eg. cooking for family, tending to garden,
It is enduring with many people enjoying the benefits

Happiness is a good feeling, usually generated from achievement or gratitude.
eg. completing task, learning something new, doing things together with people.
It is a hightened form of joy


So i come to realize :
i PMO because i have a low self esteem
i PMO because i did not know or apply better forms of self love and care
i PMO because i did not have an alternative form of self reward

So instead of looking at hard stopping PMO, it was more important to find ways to Replace PMO
I redirected my attention to do things that :
1. improve me
2. are beneficial to others
3. give me pride and esteem

Over time, my eyes cleared :
1. instead of the narrow focus of lust induced self centeredness, i started to see my accomplishments and happiness
2. i started to experience gratitude and become happier with what i have
3. i am motivated to be generous and kind towards others and myself.
4. i feel more love and kindess towards others and myself
5. i feel happier more and most of the time.
6. i began to take better care of myself.
7. i have more options now to fall back on when i am not feeling good
8. i start to do more longer terms things to better take care of my future self
9. i take time to plan and set aside self care and happiness time
10. i conscientiously make a choice not to come into contact with PMO material because i know contact is a slippery slope

Replacement and Recognition is good for me
Pride is good for overcoming low self esteem
Green book was the movie that made me recognize the importance of self pride
Studying and gaining knowledge and insight made me happy and feel achievement
morning gratitude recognition makes me feel happy and blessed with everything i have

PMO is bad because it emphasize what i dont have. no wonder i had low self esteem !
imagine everyday craving for desire but ignoring what i already have.
So every moment is hollow and empty and impossible to fulfill. So much suffering !!!

so no more of that nonsense
with eyes clearer now i can see where i need to focus on to give me more happiness and achievement for today me and future me and my loved ones.

So much more joy !!!

Perhaps this is what Lyon03 is feeling now.
I hope so too, because I am so much more happier now :)
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After reading the content until the end I received new knowledge that was very helpful. Which I agree that it is very useful for me.