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Hello and a little about me
« on: March 08, 2019, 03:14:35 PM »
I just found this site after looking around a little. Tomorrow I will start a journal. My weakness is cam women. I am 51 years old and have been a porn addict my whole life. I am looking for some help with that. Currently I am overdrafting my bank account every week. I am also a functioning alcoholic but I want to address the porn issue first, the alcoholism is not really affecting my life negatively so much as porn is. I am diagnosed Bipolar NOS which plays into my porn addiction and was also a factor in my divorce. My porn addiction is a large factor in why my daughters won't talk to me any more. I was going to come home tonight and spend money that would overdraft my bank account but I decided to look for help instead. It looks like instead of looking at porn tonight I can spend hours reading here, tomorrow I can work on a journal, and next time I feel like looking at porn I can come here and write in my journal instead. I would be very happy to have an accountability partner that I can message.


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Re: Hello and a little about me
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2019, 05:34:37 PM »
You and I are in the same boat. Download the book, “Your Brain On Porn” by Gary Wilson  ($5.99 kindle) and read it. Read it now. I just finished it and it gave me the tools ⚒ I’m gonna need to dig my way out of this life-long problem, I’ve had, This mess I’ve made.

The problem is a brain conditioning problem created over time by hyper-stimulating the pleasure centers in order to feel the powerful neuro-chemistry porn delivers. Over time, it damages us in ways by changing the way our brain works, we can no longer face real life in a healthy way. The energy we should have channelled into building a healthy life, we misplaced into conditioning our brain to get the easy pleasure reward. It is a cowardly act of taking the easy way out, the quick eady pleasure rather than the manly way of doing the right thing.

Start your journal. I started mine. I feel a strong confidence that this time I am going to make it out. I have failed 100 times in truing to quit but reading Gary Wilson’s book explained my problem clearly to me and now I understand it more clearly than ever before.

This Day 6 for me.

I started on the 2 year anniversary of quitting alcohol. I’ve gone two years without a drop so now I am ready to tackle my porn problem. If I hadn’t read Gary’s book I am certain I would fail again, but
I am ready for the fight now. I’m armed with understanding. Now it’s a matter of time.