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A Poem for inspiration!
« on: March 11, 2019, 06:51:00 PM »
I wrote this as a personal poem but feel it can be inspirational to some of you and want to share it.
Here it goes:

Going in circles
How many times must I reset the day
And play this game
I can change
The inner me wants me to be
To live the change I see
Inside my mind
It wont fall from the sky and save me
I must work hard
Years of energy already in motion
Has to be reversed
My first awakening wasn’t enough
I became focused then slowly the
Momentum faded and back to my
Old ways
All my life Ive never been consistent
Ive been on a mission to clean up
To live in harmony with the one
Ive programmed myself to
Believe that love is sex thru a screen
It seemed like harmless fun at first
Until 18 years of addiction
Has me strung out like heroin
Im better than that and I can
Make my dreams come true
Let love and truth into the heart
Thats the start accept and release
The pain that is the core of this escape
It gave me an easy way to be happy
To forget my problems and live this
Fantasy that came from outer me
Inner me wants real love
Wants to feel the tenderness of a kiss
I want to have sex in a natural way
And clear my mind of the programs
That Ive installed into this hard drive
Called my mind.