Author Topic: Problems I’m facing in my real relationship and need some advice and help  (Read 259 times)


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Hello guys,
I have been watching porn since I was 10years of age. I never thought that porn addiction would actually hamper my sex life. In India getting in a physical relationship isn’t  much common, it comes later as we grow up. I had girlfriends but I never got a chance to have sex with an actual partner until I was 23. Sadly but yes, lately I discovered I lost my erection in less than a minute when I was trying for sex with my girlfriend. My erection wasn’t that hard, and as it used to be, when I was much young. I read about it and was shocked that porn could create this valley which pulls you into grief, depression and threat about our own sexual life.
It’s been 2 weeks I pulled off from watching porn, but there are movies even which has explicit content so we can’t refrain completely from the visual sexual content and arousal. I want advices about how to go through and deal with it.
Abhishek sahu


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Hey Abhi

Sorry to hear about your situation. I’m the same age as you and have the same problems. I would recommend you stop watching porn completely and cut down on masturbation. Also, relax as you fight this problem. The more anxious you are, the harder it will be to recover in my experience. Don’t feel pressure to immediately be ready to perform with GF. Take it slow and focus on rewiring your brain to real women. I think PIED works like sports videogames, you can be really good in the virtual world, but in real life, you can really suck and not understand how to play.

In summary: Relax, take it slow, cut down on masutrbation (in my case, had to cut completely  b/c tied strongly to porn/hand habits), get real life experience with women.

Remember, this rewiring jouney is a marathon not a sprint. Don’t focus on the days or having PIED, just stick to your treatment plan and have fun with GF. I wish you great success.