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Why NOT to PMO
« on: January 17, 2019, 11:32:10 PM »
Hello everybody,

I just had one of the biggest anxiety episodes I have ever experienced  just a second ago (I hesitate to call it actual anxiety attack because 1.  I have not been formally diagnosed with anxiety disorder and don't want to be insensitive to people have it, and 2.  I didn't feel it compared to.that)  I will talk about how to deal with anxiety without jumping to porn in another post, but I thought I would share the rational reasons I do not view any porn or erotica.  I hope that these empower you when you have urges.

1.  Porn is about power, not sex

We hear all the time  that rape is not about sex at all, but men dominating women (in most cases) and having power over them.  Well, I believe that porn is the same thing.  It isn't  about sex, it is about the producer and actor dominating the viewer.  They know you are taking out your cock and masturbating to what you are watching or looking at.  They have you by the balls.  They quite literally have you exactly where they want you, with your cock out.  If, like me, you preferred to check out adult models and amateur models on Reddit, you are quite literally being controlled by that model.  Do you think that they don't know what they are doing?  They do.  They  know that as soon as they upload a photo, they have hundreds of men by the eyeballs.  They enjoy being worshipped in the comment thread.  They like the attention.  They feed off of it.  This is not an equal, respectful relationship.  This is one in which the uploader has all of the power.  They post photos, men get their cocks out.  I am not here to debate the philisophical or ethical merits of women "taking power back through the power of the internet".  I couldn't care less what any person does with their life.  But fellas we know better.

I say hell no.  I know what nudity represents in the real world : two loving people enticing eachother in a consensual relationship.  Love.  Engagement between two people in a romantic relationship at the most, and a mutually consenting sexual relationship at the least.  Either way there is respect between the two people.

2.  People should be modest about their privates

Don't post erotic pictures on the internet.  Just don't.  And don''t view the erotic images of others.  There is no reason to and my objection to this is elaborated on in the point above.  Our privates should be viewed by people we have sex with and/or people we are in a relationship.with.  no one else.

3.  Sex is something between a couple

I feel like I am repeating myself here, but I truly believe that sex is an experience and that removing sexuality from the context of the healthy relationship is blatantly wrong.

So there it is.  These are my personal beliefs and these are what I cling to, as one would a life jacket, when the urges come crashing in.  I hope these can inspire people and help all of you when the going gets tough.

Please feel free to add any ideas that are important to you as rebooters.  The ones that help you stay on the straight and narrow.  But I would rather that this not turn into a debate over philosophy.  We are all here for the same reason: to get rid of porn, erotica, and masturbation.  This is not a political post.  I am not saying that other people need to adopt these principles.  I am just saying that they are the principles I believe in and the ones I use. 



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Re: Why NOT to PMO
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I would like to make two points here so that this post doesn't get misconstrued, reported, or deleted.

1.  I am in no way saying that being a porn addict is the same or as severe as being raped.  Obviously it is not, amd i would never be as cold hearted as to say such a thing.  What I am saying, quite clumsily, is that both are based around domination.  That the objective is to get something from the other person.  That both are about domination or coercion. 

Perhaps there was a better way of making my poi t.

2.  I am not sayi g that you must be in a relationship with someone to ha e sex wkth them.  When  I use the word "couple", I literally  mean two people who are engaging in sex.  My point, ultimately, is that regardless of whether you are having a one night stand or are making love to your romantic partner, there is equality and respect in the relationship in which you do so. 




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Re: Why NOT to PMO
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Fuck porn.