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Let's do this
« on: June 20, 2020, 03:56:34 PM »
Hi all

I am a new member. I have tried to give up porn before, but have always struggled with porn substitutes. Social media does not help and is proving to be an extremely bad trigger.

I am getting married in two years, so I really want to work on this and try to remove porn from my life. I have had an issue since I was a teenager and have suffered from porn related erectile dysfunction. I got over that a while a go, but it comes back now and again. I was honest with my girlfriend about my porn problems when I first met her and she was very supportive.

However porn is coming back to haunt me and I have not been completely honest with my girlfriend recently. I have mastubated several times when she has been out. It is definitely affecting my libido and I have had some problems with an erection.

I think I need to come clean with her, so I do not feel guilty about getting support or reaching out to different groups.